FREE Currie Webinar – Service Department Profitability

Please join me on Monday, October 6th for another FREE Live Currie Webinar:  Service Department Profitability.  Sign up and learn about the Currie Financial Model as it applies to service departments within the equipment industry.  We will also share some best practices that will assist you in understanding how to work to The Model.  The webinar is about 40 minutes long, and will be live.  Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions during and after the webinar!  Click to Sign Up!


Our next Service Department Profitability Seminar is scheduled for November 9-10, 2017 and will be held at the Currie Training Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Visit the Currie Training Center to register, or for more information about this seminar and others.  Feel free to call 508-752-9229 if you have any questions!

Are You Leading Like the King?

Here’s reason #144 to attend The Currie Best Practices Summit!  Robin Currie is now certified to facilitate Ken Blanchard’s Lead Like Jesus Program and will be providing a brief overview of the program at The Summit.  The Currie Team will be offering this two-day program, personalized and just for the team at your dealership.  We will also be scheduling an offering here in Massachusetts at The Currie Training Center.


Leadership happens anytime we influence the thinking, behavior or development of another. Leading like Jesus is not based on position or power. It’s not solely dependent on skills and knowledge.

It’s a love-based leadership model built on the foundation of an individual’s character, integrity and on the power of relationships. It recognizes Jesus as the greatest Leader of all time and applies His way of impacting and empowering others to reach their God-given potential.

Leading like Jesus involves the alignment of our:

  • Heart: what we believe about leadership
  • Head: our leadership point of view
  • Hands: our daily actions
  • Habits: habits we cultivate for long-term impact

Since we believe Jesus is the greatest leadership role model of all time, our leadership model is simple: follow the Leader.

Special Announcement

Robin Currie is now certified to facilitate Ken Blanchard’s Lead Like Jesus Leadership Program.  Here’s a quick description of what this is all about:


What makes Lead Like Jesus different?

Our Framework. We believe skills and knowledge can’t replace character and integrity. Leading like Jesus involves the alignment of our Heart, Head, Hands and Habits.

Our Definition. We believe leadership happens anytime we influence the thinking, behavior or development of another. If you have influence, you are a leader.

Our Model. We believe Jesus is the greatest leadership role model of all time. So our leadership philosophy is simple: Follow the Leader.

Find out more at and watch for an upcoming offering of this program at the Currie Training Center!

Reason #349B to attend the Currie Best Practices Summit–“Learn from the Best”

Reason #349B to attend the Currie Best Practices Summit

Register now for the 2017 Currie Best Practices Summit.

Bob Currie will be leading Breakout Session B.  Evolving Leadership Roles as Companies Grow is specifically for Deader Principles and Dealership Executives. This session will include a small, distinguished panel of highly successful business leaders with unsurpassed knowledge and strategies for growth that can be applied to all industrial equipment dealerships.  Listen, question, and comment to two owners who have grown their businesses and how this growth impacted their leadership roles. These dealers have grown their businesses from single store operations with $5MM to $10MM in total revenue to multi store operations with $100MM+ in revenue.  For more information or to register to attend The summit, click here!

Training Center Updates

In case you missed it—

Today’s live webinar was a free one-hour introduction to The Currie Financial Model.  The replay is available on demand, for free, by clicking here!


Still openings—

Benchmarking and The Currie Financial Model, offered September 14-15, 2017.  It’s coming up fast but it’s not too late to save your spot!  Register here!

FREE Webinar – Benchmarking and The Currie Financial Model

You’re invited!!


Free Live Webinar offered by Robin Currie, of

Currie Management Consultants, Inc.

Please join me on Tuesday, September 5th at 11:00 AM Eastern Time for a free, live, one-hour webinar that will take you through the foundation of The Currie Financial Model.  Learn what The Model looks like for your industry, how to calculate some of the critical benchmarks, and how to apply The Model to your organization.

During the free webinar, you will have an opportunity to register for Currie’s two-day seminar Benchmarking and the Currie Financial Model, offered on September 14-15, 2017 for $999.00.


This webinar is for:

  • Currie Clients (Dealer Principals, C-Level Dealership Executives, General Managers (also Branch and Department Managers), and Investors.
  • All organizations involved in the distribution of industrial equipment (power generation, commercial tire, lift truck, farm equipment, air compressor, transport refrigeration, golf and utility vehicles, systems, HVAC, and more).
  • Accountants and Business Valuation Providers for businesses in the equipment industries.


Important links:


Call us at 508-752-9229 if you have any questions!  See you on the Webinar!


And don’t forget to check out the Currie Best Practices Summit, happening in November in Dallas, Texas!  Click here for more information.


Reason #7 to attend The Currie Best Practices Summit

You Better Be Right

In honor of Bob Currie’s obsession with sports, the Currie Team has secured a guest speaker for this year’s best Practices Summit who is sure to please!  Richard Burleson is a best-selling author of You Better be Right – 7 Steps to Success.  In his book, Dick takes us with him onto the playing field, and we see life from the vantage point of an SEC Official. With ovations from the likes of top elected officials and four-star generals, Mr. Burleson is not to be missed.

Here’s a little more information about Dick:

Richard B. (Dick) Burleson is Vice President of Neel-Schaffer, one of the leading Engineering firms in the United States.  He is a native of Alabama and was inducted into the Alabama High School Sports Hall of Fame. Dick graduated from Georgia Tech with a Civil Engineering degree.

Besides his engineering career, Dick also rose to the Army Reserves highest rank, that of Major General. He graduated from the Army War College and was Commanding General of the largest Army Reserve Command in the World. His command covered eight states, 40,000 troops and included over 5,000 soldiers placed on active duty during Desert Storm. General Colin Powell personally decorated General Burleson’s units.

One of his highest personal honors came, when General Burleson received the Spirit of America’s – Audie Murphy Patriotism Award. He was only the 23rd American to receive this award.

In addition to his engineering and military careers, Dick Burleson has been a football official in the Southeastern Conference for 25 years and worked a full schedule of top SEC games every year as head referee. Dick has served as Chief Referee and President of the SEC. He officiated fifteen major bowl games and the SEC Championship game.

His last game on the field was as the head referee for the National Championship Rose Bowl game.  He is now an SEC staff advisor on officiating and evaluates officials’ performance each Saturday from the SEC Command Center.  His book, “You Better Be Right”, has reached the #1 Best Sellers list at Barnes & Noble Bookstores.

Click here to Register for the Currie Best Practices Summit November 7-8, 2017

Or call us at 508-752-9229 with questions!

Benchmarking and the Currie Financial Model

Featured Program:

Benchmarking and the Currie Financial Model

This program is coming up very soon!  September 14-15 are the dates, and this Seminar is presented by Robin Currie.  There are still plenty of spots open so register here: and choose Benchmarking from the dropdown menu (it should be your first option).  After we receive your registration, we will contact you to discuss payment options and accommodations.

Other programs:  Please visit our Schedule of Events page to see what’s happening (and there’s a lot!).  Highlights for the upcoming season are:

  • Leadership Development 2018–one year program. Begins February 12th-13th, 2018 and registration is now open.


  • Leadership with Intention and Purpose—NEW PROGRAM!! By Robin Currie. The dates for this seminar are October 12th-13th.


  • Currie Best Practices Summit—first of its kind, multi industry event in Dallas, Texas November 7th-8th. Learn more by visiting the Currie Conferences website.

Reason #11C to attend the Currie Best Practices Summit, by Robin Currie

“What would it look like” (quoting our fearless leader Bob Currie) to intentionally align our business practices with spiritual principles?

What is really happening in our world today?  And how do we continue to implement and enjoy an enlightened business model in a changing world?

Change is upon us – there is a new thought process and a new way.  There is no denying it.  If you haven’t noticed, you will now!  Blame it on the millennials, blame it on the solar eclipse, or blame it on me, just know that it’s here.  Remember my Currie Reading List a couple of years back entitled The Philosophy of Distribution?  I hope that everyone enjoyed my collection of insights, because The List demonstrated the fact that ancient practices were brilliantly and timelessly crafted for the success of not just businesses, governments, and the wealthy, but for the success of all people.  We all go into business today for a variety of reasons:  passion, a desire for financial freedom, or a method of letting wealth flow through your business into the community.  Or perhaps you are committed to the continuation of a wonderful family legacy, one which abounds with the love and vision of the original creators (your grandparents, parents, relatives, or mentors).

Let’s go back to my musings (get it?) about a “new way”.  It’s actually not so new, but now is the time to look at life, and business, from a new perspective.  Come to the Currie Best Practices Summit and spend 100 minutes with me collaborating on how we can take our businesses to the next level, and by the next level I mean a lot more than a growth in revenue.  We are spiritual people, we humans, yet many of us are operating, albeit highly successfully, in a non-spiritual methodology within our distribution businesses.  Is that duality your best mode to success?  What would happen if we no longer separated ourselves, and instead we merged our true selves with our businesses and created an atmosphere within our dealerships where there was no limit, and success beyond imagination was a possibility for each and every one of our employees?  Aren’t all of us aligned, and collectively sharing a very instinctive, and very human, desire to achieve our highest potentials?

Could Buddha have been wrong when he presented the Eight Great Fears?  I believe not.  Some of us may be experiencing, in our businesses or perhaps even in our personal lives, limitations caused by anger, pride, ignorance, envy/jealousy, avarice/greed, attachment, doubt, or wrong views (misunderstanding)  Come to The Summit and be prepared for the next Chaotic Node in our world (wink, wink).  Here’s the link: Currie Best Practices Summit 2017.