Reason #11C to attend the Currie Best Practices Summit, by Robin Currie

“What would it look like” (quoting our fearless leader Bob Currie) to intentionally align our business practices with spiritual principles?

What is really happening in our world today?  And how do we continue to implement and enjoy an enlightened business model in a changing world?

Change is upon us – there is a new thought process and a new way.  There is no denying it.  If you haven’t noticed, you will now!  Blame it on the millennials, blame it on the solar eclipse, or blame it on me, just know that it’s here.  Remember my Currie Reading List a couple of years back entitled The Philosophy of Distribution?  I hope that everyone enjoyed my collection of insights, because The List demonstrated the fact that ancient practices were brilliantly and timelessly crafted for the success of not just businesses, governments, and the wealthy, but for the success of all people.  We all go into business today for a variety of reasons:  passion, a desire for financial freedom, or a method of letting wealth flow through your business into the community.  Or perhaps you are committed to the continuation of a wonderful family legacy, one which abounds with the love and vision of the original creators (your grandparents, parents, relatives, or mentors).

Let’s go back to my musings (get it?) about a “new way”.  It’s actually not so new, but now is the time to look at life, and business, from a new perspective.  Come to the Currie Best Practices Summit and spend 100 minutes with me collaborating on how we can take our businesses to the next level, and by the next level I mean a lot more than a growth in revenue.  We are spiritual people, we humans, yet many of us are operating, albeit highly successfully, in a non-spiritual methodology within our distribution businesses.  Is that duality your best mode to success?  What would happen if we no longer separated ourselves, and instead we merged our true selves with our businesses and created an atmosphere within our dealerships where there was no limit, and success beyond imagination was a possibility for each and every one of our employees?  Aren’t all of us aligned, and collectively sharing a very instinctive, and very human, desire to achieve our highest potentials?

Could Buddha have been wrong when he presented the Eight Great Fears?  I believe not.  Some of us may be experiencing, in our businesses or perhaps even in our personal lives, limitations caused by anger, pride, ignorance, envy/jealousy, avarice/greed, attachment, doubt, or wrong views (misunderstanding)  Come to The Summit and be prepared for the next Chaotic Node in our world (wink, wink).  Here’s the link: Currie Best Practices Summit 2017.