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Leadership Development 2020

Workshop #1 – February 27-28, 2020 ~ Worcester, MA

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The Currie Leadership
Development Program

One of the themes that consistently arises at all of Currie Management Consultants, Inc. dealer/distributor group meetings is how to develop leaders. At times it is your identified successor(s) of your dealer/distributorships, or it might be your current managers that have leadership potential. Many times the answer to developing these individuals is to bring them to dealer or distributor group meetings. What can happen is they become lost, or worse, frustrated with this environment. They lack the fundamental business knowledge or confidence to take part in the process or are afraid to broach subject matters that may seem trivial to the principals in the room.

Currie looks at the development of a dealer/distributor leader on two levels. The first level is basic business knowledge. This knowledge is specific to your industry and to dealerships/distributorships which includes knowing the Currie Financial Model with all the details. The second level of development centers on the leadership behaviors that drive the execution of the Currie Financial Model. The leadership behaviors that are taught are the building blocks of great leadership. They are: mental, agility, interpersonal finesse, change mastery, and goal orientation. The Currie process combines the knowledge of the Financial Model with leadership behaviors in an environment where they can safely begin to develop.

Our response to your demand for developing leaders is a forum by which we educate and coach these leaders through a series of meetings (each quarter for a period of one year) and monthly coaching calls. We are happy to report that over 120 managers/leaders have completed the Currie Leadership Development series.

Invest in developing your leadership team and secure the future success of your dealership/distributorship!

Highlights of the Currie Leadership
Development Program:

  • Attend four quarterly workshops during 2019
  • Participate in monthly coaching calls
  • Develop networks with participants from other industries
  • Gain operational knowledge around the Currie Financial Model
  • Learn advanced leadership behavioral skills

There are four workshops scheduled at 3-month intervals. This allows participants time to incorporate new behaviors between sessions and achieve goals.

Coaching calls are scheduled in the months between the workshops. Participants decide whether to have individual coaching or group coaching.

Workshop #1

“Overview of a Successful Dealership/Distributorship & Understanding Self and Others”

  • Participants are introduced to the Currie Financial Model and leave with a strong knowledge of the business model and how it fits within the global marketplace.
  • Pre-assessments in MBTI and Emotional Intelligence. Participants will be able to identify their strengths and challenges as leaders.
  • Participants will leave with specific behavioral goals.

Workshop #2

“Sales Department/ Account Management & Assertive Communication”

  • Using case studies and lecture, participants will learn the what, how, and why of Account Management and the operation of a Sales Department.
  • Pre-assessments in Assertiveness and/or Communication Effectiveness.
  • Participants will have a deeper understanding of their communication and assertiveness styles and leave with techniques to improve assertive communication at work.

Workshop #3

“Aftermarket Management & Teambuilding”

  • Participants will have a detailed knowledge of the Aftermarket departments including parts, service, and rental. Lecture and case studies will be utilized.
  • Participants will know how they rate on their team effectiveness and create a development plan to improve their team building behaviors.
  • Team building lecture and exercises.

Workshop #4

“Valuing a Business, Understanding the Balance Sheet & Leadership Theories”

  • Participants will understand the factors that affect the value of a business and they will understand the different ways of valuing a dealership or distributorship.
  • Participants will work case studies to increase their knowledge of the balance sheet and how it impacts the viability of a dealership/distributorship.
  • Several different Leadership Theories will be explored and practiced.